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Burton Constable Hall

 Burton Constable Hall has a huge amount of history behind it. The original tower was built on the site in the 12th Century to protect the local village before the original manor house was built in the late...   Read More »

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Cusworth Hall

Cusworth Hall is a Georgian country house that was originally built in the 1700’s for the Wrightson family. The house has gone through several alterations and additions as the house has been passed down...   Read More »

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Annison Funeral Parlour

The old Annison Funeral Parlour is an imposing looking building and it now houses a late night pharmacy on part of the ground floor, however it was not always this welcoming! In 1876 the Annison family built...   Read More »

kelham island ghost hunt
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Kelham Island

Kelham Island is one of the oldest industrial sites in Sheffield, the museum stands on a man-made island over 800 years old. The island was formed in the 1180s when a goit or millrace was created to carry...   Read More »

asylum ghost hunt uk
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St Catherine’s House

St Catherine’s was built in 1827 and owned by George Banks, a wealthy cloth merchant from Leeds. The house stayed part of the family until 1928 when a consortium of local businessmen bought the estate. In...   Read More »

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