Annison Funeral Parlour

The old Annison Funeral Parlour is an imposing looking building and it now houses a late night pharmacy on part of the ground floor, however it was not always this welcoming! In 1876 the Annison family built the current building to house their cart manufacturing business with stables for the horses above. The family soon moved into the funeral business for which they are now known. Walking through the labyrinth of morbid rooms you can still see some remnants of the funeral parlour days.

 In 1891 a young woman named Mary Jane Langley is reported to have visited the building to see a photographer whose business resided there, he was the last person to see her alive as shortly after she was found dead in a ditch with her throat slit! Various people, including the photographer were suspected to have committed this heinous crime but no one was ever convicted. It is said the ghost of Mary still haunts the building.

 The venue is extremely active with several reports of poltergeist activity; with the vast amount of people from different walks of life passing through the building it is hardly surprising it remains so active to this day.

Address: Hull, Hull, Kingston upon Hull HU9 1AT, UK

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